KCC Board Highlights

6 Sept 2022 – Board Highlights

October 6, 2022

Due to the scheduled absence of two Board members on the third Sunday of September, the September KCC board meeting was conducted on 6 September 2022.

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KCC’s Inclusivity Policy and Action Plan

September 3, 2022

Policy serves as a guiding principle and forms part of our identity. But policy also needs to be made active through implementation. It requires many more people across the organization to identify the need, then develop and implement it.

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Action Plan for KCC’s Inclusivity Policy

August 14, 2022

The KCC Board has approved an Action Plan for KCC’s Inclusivity Policy.

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17 July 2022 – Board Meeting Highlights

August 4, 2022

Here are the highlights from the 17-July-2022 KCC Board Meeting.

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12 June 2022 – Board Meeting Highlights

June 27, 2022

Dear Sangha, The June meeting of KCC’s Board focused on the following major topics: SCOL Status and Management. On behalf of the SCOL team and SCOL service group, Cynthia Irvine […]

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KCC Taskforce to improve Sexual Misconduct Policy

June 23, 2022

The Board wishes to inform the community that we are taking steps to improve our Sexual Misconduct Policy. At the last board meeting, on Sunday June 12, the Board formed […]

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KCC Board Highlights – May 2022

May 23, 2022

KCC BOARD MEETING HIGHLIGHTS May 14, 2022 Dear Sangha, The March meeting of KCC’s Board focused on the following major topics: Strategic Planning Update. Board member Ryan Fitz reported that […]

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April 2022 – KCC Board Highlights

April 24, 2022

In April, the KCC board met to discuss and agree on next steps in a variety of areas including: Inclusivity Plan, SCOL Insurance, Karmapa Issues, Service Groups, and Strategic Planning.

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March 2022 – KCC Board Highlights

March 31, 2022

In March, Community Life Service Group provided an update on their activities. The Board and meeting attendees engaged in a substantive discussion on KCC’s response to the Karmapa Allegations. The Board reached agreement on the next steps regarding the Karmapa Allegations and the challenges it has posed to individuals and the collective sangha.

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February Board Highlights

March 4, 2022

Strategic Planning, Administrative Reorganization, Board Member Recruitment, and the 2022 Budget were some of the main topics of the February Board Meeting.

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