Board Meeting Highlights – March 2024

March 17, 2024

Dear Sangha:

Here are the highlights from the 17 March 2024 KCC Board Meeting.

Present: Board members: Jennifer Chang, John Rothermich, Brad Upton, Peter Wood, David Thornburgh.  Guests: Sally Mead, Liza Baer

1. Approval of minutes from the previous meeting passed unanimously.

2. Quick updates on finances, upcoming membership drive, and potential use of the Portland center for a micro school.

3. Updates on upcoming events and potential shifts in roles within the community.

4. Transition plans for the Executive Director and updates on outside usage of the Portland Center and SCOL.

5. Discussion on developing an employee manual.

6. Review and approval of board goals for 2024.

KCC Board Goals (April 2024-April 2025).  

  • Hire new Managing Director. Manage and facilitate the transition.
  • Board Recruitment.
  • Develop and approve a new mission/vision statement. (Wait for the new Managing Director.)
  • Draft and Approve Ethics Policy. (David T & Brad U)
  • Establish DEI committee to implement/refine the inclusivity action plan. (Peter W and John R)
  • Conduct Leadership Retreat (Fall 2024? Confer with new MD)
  • Bylaw review and potential revisions. (David T)
  • Prepare a written evaluation process for the Resident Lama and the Managing Director (David T)

7. Discussion to help develop a Code of Ethics.

8. Approval of the revised 2024 budget.

9. Discussion and approval of granting authority to Board chairs to authorize spending for urgent matters.

The board holds generally meets on the third Sunday of every month from 1:30pm – 4:30pm at KCC; all are welcome to attend.  After approval, the meeting minutes are available here.