Lama Michael Conklin – Meditations and Discussions

Lama Michael Conklin served as KCC’s Resident Lama from 1993 through 2019.

This page presents synopses of guided meditations and dharma discussions he conducted at KCC with links to videos and transcripts.

Many thanks to Cynthia Huntington who developed and painstakingly edited the transcripts.

All Transcripts


26 March – Video | Transcript | Discussion Synopsis: Four Immeasurables in detail, distractions as object of meditation, conceptual can enhance understanding

26 March – Video | Transcript | Meditation Synopsis: not recognizing nature of mind is source of confusion, and taking refuge as the first step of its antidote, benefitting self and others

26 March – Video | Transcript | Discussion Synopsis: practicing with equanimity, holding the unbounded view, how to navigate uncertainty

26 March – Video | Transcript | Meditation Synopsis: detailing the 4 immeasurables with focus on equanimity, the practice of contentment

5 March – Video | Transcript | Discussion Synopsis:  developing ability to use the many tools we already have, goal of spontaneous loving kindness, protecting our view of bodhicitta, developing skill to just sit by river of our experience, the value of doing some experimenting with our teachings

5 March – Video | Transcript | Meditation Synopsis: Contemplating impermanence while reciting Refuge & Bodhicitta text

5 March – Video | Transcript | Meditation Synopsis: Contemplating impermanence, unbounded view without beginning or end.

26 February – Video | Transcript | PM Meditation Synopsis: develop skill to be present without manipulating experience

26 February – Video | Transcript | PM Q&A Synopsis: our practices are designed to discover nature of mind, working with shamatha w/o an object, karma and the union of wisdom and compassion

26 February- Video | Transcript | AM Meditation Synopsis: working with distractions

26 February- Video | Transcript | AM Q&A Synopsis: Trungpa’s ‘working basis’ of meditation is our mind, practice being present with experience, rather than elaborate it, dichotomy between brain and mind, big perspective of unbounded view and little perspective of science

29 January – Video | Transcript | AM Q&A Synopsis: experience fresh, we have exactly what we need, kindness of intention

29 January – Video | Transcript | PM Q&A Synopsis: eyes open or closed, daily practice is critical, working with pieces of experience, benefit of community, seeing and working with illusory nature, relax in space of not being relaxed, Carrying Practice: being present with experience in daily ordinary activity

New Years Retreat – 1 January 2017

  • Session 1 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: occasionally assess practice, Carrying Practice: instruction for calm abiding with breath 24/7.
  • Session 2 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: relying on sources of refuge, transition from contemplate to meditate.
  • Session 3 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: visualize all beings present, aspire to be of benefit.
  • Session 4 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: ism’s and awakened mind, setting & holding intention, Carrying Practice: really short sessions in daily life (reasons and methods), placing and holding, simple methods that evolve into profound, working with relative & ultimate, story of crying bodhisattva, about taking refuge.


New Years Retreat – 31 December 2016

  • Session 1 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: working with experience as it unfolds, shamatha instructions for posture and breath, working with distractions.
  • Session 2 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: many short sessions, working with physical sensations, Bodhicitta Prayer details.
  • Session 3 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: equanimity, visualizing all beings.
  • Session 4 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: omniscience and interdependence, importance of not knowing, aspirational bodhicitta, Carrying Practice: enhance Bodhicitta in small simple ways, simple yet profound mahayana teachings, the need to write down our questions, view of uninterrupted continuum, Carrying Practice: with unbounded view (supermarket teaching), Carrying Practice: reading to encourage 3 wisdoms.
  • Session 5 – Video | Transcript | Synopsis: Aspiration for Mahamudra intro comments.