Individual Retreats

SCOL offers cabins for self-guided individual retreat when group retreats are not in session.

Buddhism, and specifically the Kagyu lineage, has a long andinspiring history of examples of individuals who have engaged in periods of intensive solo meditation practice. Being able to devote more time to meditation away from our habitually busy usual environs can be very inspiring and nurturing. Individual retreats can be a weekend of practice or last a month or longer.

Sitting with oneself in solitude can be powerful and is the perfect opportunity for obstacles and intense emotional states to arise. Therefore, it is not for everyone. The staff and teaching resources at SCOL are limited, and there is a high likelihood that a retreatant will have little human interaction during their stay. In the application process for an individual retreat, retreatants are requested to provide the name and contact information for their spiritual teacher so the retreatant or KCC can reach them in the event of challenge or spiritual crisis. If a retreatant does not have a personal teacher, we ask them to meet with our resident lama, Lama Eric Triebelhorn, to make a connection before their retreat. You can set up an appointment with Lama Eric here. Once the application has been approved, a link will be sent to complete the registration process.

SCOL does not provide meals for those on individual retreat. There is a small, shared kitchenette in each of the cloister dining areas where retreatants can store and cook food. SCOL staff can shop once per week for those on longer retreats.

SCOL has 16 small cabins for individual retreatants with shared bath house, meditation hall, and kitchenette/dining areas. Four cabins are ADA accessible. We have one self-contained cabin with bathroom, shower, and kitchenette.

  • Cabins (12’x10’) are heated but not air conditioned.
  • If you need special accommodation for daily living or showers, staff would be happy to discuss your needs.
  • Laundry facilities are available for those staying for more than one week but are limited.

Each small cabin is furnished with the following (or similar):

  • Single-sized Bed Platform with mattress and mattress cover
  • Folding Tea Table
  • Chair
  • One Nightstand (with two drawers)
  • Reading Lamp
  • Coat Hooks

Retreatants bring their own bedding (sheets, comforter/sleeping bag, pillow, and towels) and provide their own meals for individual retreats.

Individual Retreat Rates

Cabin in North or South Cloister (shared bath and kitchenette)
$60/person/day — Suggested Rate
$75/person/day — Sponsorship Rate
$45/person/day — Reduced Rate

Cabin A (self-contained with bath and kitchen)

If you are interested in individual retreat at SCOL, please contact staff at to coordinate your time at our facility.

Contact Us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring candles and incense for the altar?
No, we do not allow any item with a flame or ember due to extreme fire danger.

Do I need to watch out for rattlesnakes or ticks when I’m hiking?
Rattlesnakes do not occur in this area, but please do check yourself for ticks when you return from a hike. SCOL provides tick removing tweezers and staff is available to help if needed.

Is SCOL strictly vegetarian?
All meals for group retreats are vegetarian. If retreatants need to eat meat for health concerns, please do so discretly.

Can I keep snacks in my cabin?
No, to prevent mice and insects from finding their way into the cabins, we ask that no food is stored in the cabins. There are spaces in the dining halls to store your personal food items. 

What’s the weather like?
The elevation is 2000-2200 feet and an arid climate. It’s best to bring layers and come prepared for variable weather conditions. If you plan to walk outside the cloister, please bring appropriate footwear/boots to wear; these should be taken off prior to walking inside the cloister. Shoes are allowed in the buildings but not in the meditation halls. You might like to bring socks or slippers to wear in the meditation hall.

How many trails are there?
On the 240-acre property, there are about 5 miles of trails spanning oak-ponderosa forests, volcanic-bouldered meadows, seasonal pools, and a year-round stream. View the trail map: SCOL Trail Map