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KCC hosts several study groups that investigate and discuss the application of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practices in the context of contemporary daily life. These groups may explore traditional and current texts in detail; participants enjoy spirited discussions regarding their relevance to current events and their personal experience of bringing the teachings ‘off the cushion.


Equanimity & Inclusion

This is a monthly, lively, warm and meaningful group discussion which explores becoming Bodhisattva Allies who work to end internal and external oppression and who move into loving, wise actions toward all beings, without exception.

We use current articles to inspire discussion, contemplation, meditations and laughter. All who are interested are welcome to join us.

Please contact Zopa at katyohern@gmail.comif you plan to attend or for any questions you may have.

Prior to attending this group, it is useful to read the basic class handouts and to watch these recordings.

You are warmly welcomed to join us!


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Moved by the principles of loving kindness and compassion, by our commitment to justice and equity, we must come forward and oppose oppressive institutions and systems and challenge harmful laws and policies.

– Bhikkhu Bodhi

Equanimity and Inclusion - Videos

Essence of Buddhism

Lama Eric Triebelhorn leads a study group via Zoom on the Second & Fourth Thursdays of the month on The Essence of Buddhism by Traleg Kyabgon. This book discusses many of the foundational aspects of Buddhism, written by a deeply trained Tibetan teacher who spent many years teaching in the West. The study group includes brief presentations of the material, small group conversations, and sharing in the larger group.

The group began on August 10, 2023, but particpants are welcome to join anytime. Please email to be added to the Essence of Buddhism email group and receive additional materials, updates for each week’s session, and other information from Lama Eric.

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Essence of Buddhism - Videos

Death and Dying Study Group

The Death and Dying Study Group chooses material to work with before gathering to discuss. On 1st Tuesdays we continue working through a book. On 3rd Tuesdays our focus is on films, articles and poems available online or are easily sent out to the study group as a PDF. We have a common interest to learn more about death and dying by reading or viewing, discussing, and hearing each other.

Participation in the study group is open to all but the Zoom meetings are done by password-protected invitation email. Anyone who is interested should contact Jan Glenn at or Catherine Harris at

First and Third Tuesdays of the month
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Resources for Death and Dying Study Group can be accessed HERE.

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Home is Here Book Group

KCC Book Group meets the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of the month
9:30 to 11:00 a.m. at KCC Portland Center (No Zoom)
Everyone is welcome
Contact if you have questions or would like to attend.
Meets in person at the Portland Center to discuss the book Home is Here: Practicing Antiracism with the Engaged Eightfold Path by Reverend Liên Shutt

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