Community Life Service Group

Activities in the Community Life Service Group:

  • The Sattva Social Club
  • The Needs & Care Group
  • The Engaged Buddhism Group

Other groups comprising community life may find a home in the CLSG. The benefits are communication and support as needed from among all the KCC Service Groups.

Service Group Coordinator:


Sattva Social Club

The mission of the Sattva Social Club is to support the sangha by creating opportunities to relax together and nurture supportive connections in the dharma. We plan movie nights, potlucks, presentations, Tara Dancing events and more. Have an idea? Let us know! Care to join us? We’d love it if you did! Contact or one of our members directly.



Sattva Social Club Members:

Carolyn Peck –
Kay Hartsock –
Linda Grove –
Mary Woods –
Peter Wood –
Phyllis Moses –

Needs & Care Group

The Needs & Care Group has created a Program of Care for the KCC sangha. The group will share learning, provide support, and build ongoing awareness and opportunities for KCC as a Practice Community of Care.

Setting the tone for the Program, we read and recommend Ann Cason’s book, Circles of Care. Circles of Care (

To join the Needs & Care group, or to ask for support, send an email to any member of the Needs & Care Group. You may also contact


Needs & Care Group Members

Carolyn Peck –
Cynthia Irvine –
Judatha Kline –
Peter Wood –

Susan Giese –

KCC’s Program of Care

Use KCC Survey Data as a Practice Community of Care

Results of a sangha-wide services survey are accessible to the 48 sangha members who completed the survey. They can use the data to find help for themselves and anyone in the sangha. Supporting more people in connecting and facilitating care promotes growth and sustainability of KCC’s Program of Care.
We encourage anyone in the sangha to contact a member of the Needs & Care Group to ask for support.

Use Meal Train for coordinating help with meals.

Short term meals support is available to sangha members who need it. Anyone can set up a Meal Train page for coordinating this help. Upon request, sangha members who cook for each other may be reimbursed for up to $9 per meal they provide through Meal Train. Recipients may donate $1 to $9 through Meal Train for meals they receive.

Here are instructions for setting up a page under KCC’s Meal Train account. Creating a Meal Train Page.docx – Google Docs

Refer to the Portland Area Support Services listing for finding help we can’t provide.

If a sangha member needs more support with food, finances, aging, support groups, mental health, retirement, children’s needs, caregiver needs, legal issues, or good self-care in trying times, check out the Copy of Portland Area Support Services and Resources for Death and Dying – Google Docs.  Sometimes, just talking with someone who can help identify services can bring needed support.

Promote awareness of Villages.

Providing help and connection is their business!
Villages NW – Home  “ Our mission: “To create dynamic, intentionally inclusive, caring communities that connect, engage, and support older adults as they maintain active and purposeful lives.” – Northeast Village PDX is a vibrant and engaging community of older adults in Northeast Portland. Our members and volunteers share skills and expertise to create a better experience of aging.

Keep our resources current and share support and learning in community.

Sangha members can submit changes to their survey data to anyone on the Needs & Care Group. From time to time, we will make the survey available again, on the website and via the KCC newsletter, so that others can be included. To become part of KCC’s Program of Care, click here. Link to complete the survey.
The Needs & Care Group will continually review the links and resources on the Support Services List to make sure we have good information. You can help. Keep aware of resources that you or people you know access in the wider community to stay healthy, active, and connected, and to get by. Let anyone on the Needs & Care group know what helps so we can add those resources to the Support Services List!

The Engaged Buddhism Group

The mission of the Engaged Buddhism Group is to support social causes to reduce suffering and to develop Bodhicitta both on and off the cushion. We are a large group of sangha members taking action in the world, individually and together, for the benefit of all. Activities include Letter Writing for Vote Forward to get out the vote! We volunteer time and money to non-profits in Portland, and we build awareness of Climate Change, its disproportionate effects, and how to respond as Buddhists. We share our concern for social justice issues, our compassion, and our need to change our own minds as we work together. The Engaged Buddhism group meets   on the fourth Sunday of the month at 2:00 pm on Zoom. To join email or connect with one of the contacts listed here.

Currently, members of the Engaged Buddhism Group are gathering to consider how we respond to the specter of climate change. We have formed the Engaged Buddhism Book Study/Contemplation Group. Currently we are reading “The Practice of the Wild” by Gary Snyder. This group meets on the third Monday of the month at 1pm on Zoom. Questions? Contact Peter, Sherry or Judatha.

Engaged Buddhism Group Contacts:

Peter Wood –
Sarah Clark –
Sherry Bohannan –
Sonia Arion –
Judatha Kline –

What distinguishes Buddhist activism from any other kind of activism?

–Excerpted and reworked from The Intersection Point: Buddhist Activism at the WTO by Diana Winston, Turning Wheel, Spring 2000

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