SCOL History & Land Stewardship

Ser Chö Ösel Ling—”Land of the Clear Light of the Golden Dharma”—is located north of Goldendale, WA about two hours east from Portland. When purchased by KCC in 2001, the 240-acres boasted a simple two-bedroom house, a large barn, corral fencing beside a heart-shaped meadow, a steadily flowing creek, and a recovering forest of primarily pine, oak, and fir.


Development of the long-term retreat center began in 2002 with the installation of some basic infrastructure of water lines, power, and an improved road to the site of the future cloister. There were also immediate efforts to enhance the land with a massive planting associated with a creek restoration program.

The central kitchen and the north wing of the retreat center were constructed first, hosting several smaller individual and group retreats.

Retreats at SCOL

After the completion of the south wing in 2013, a one-year retreat was led by Lama Michael Conklin and Lama Tara Goforth, completing in March 2014. The staff quarters were then constructed and from April 2015-June 2018, a Shangpa Kagyu three-year retreat was conducted by the same lamas.

Since that time, KCC has continued to host a variety of events and retreat at SCOL. Each year we offer several guided retreats, many opportunities Personal Practice Retreats (including four weeks of such each March), and various other themed weekends and workshops. KCC continues to nurture and revitalize the flora and fauna on this land so that it might do the same for all who visit. SCOL is now also available for hosting outside groups and individual retreatants.

Historical Videos of SCOL

Recent Land Stewardship Activities

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