February 2024

Milarepa Tsok Photos

February 27, 2024

Thank you to all you joined for the Milarepa Guru Yoga Ritual Feast & Songs of Realization!

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Donate to Repair our Heating System

February 26, 2024

Make a donation to help KCC ensure our sanctuary remains warm and welcoming for all! During January’s extreme cold weather, KCC’s heat pump and components of the radiant heating system […]

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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell as KCC’s New Managing Director

February 24, 2024

Dear KCC Sangha, It brings us immense joy to share with you that Tim Campbell has graciously accepted the role of our new Managing Director at KCC. Tim Campbell embodies […]

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Wonderful Service and Losar at SCOL

February 11, 2024

On the weekend of Feb. 9 & 10, twelve enthusiastic volunteers came to SCOL for a traditional cleaning of the facility for Losar, Tibetan New Year. We gathered Friday morning […]

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Repairing the SCOL Land

February 1, 2024

An interview with Dora DeCoursey By Vicki Fields, SCOL When KCC purchased the property for Ser Chö Ösel Ling (SCOL) in 2001, efforts to repair damage to the soil and […]

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