Wonderful Service and Losar at SCOL

February 11, 2024

On the weekend of Feb. 9 & 10, twelve enthusiastic volunteers came to SCOL for a traditional cleaning of the facility for Losar, Tibetan New Year. We gathered Friday morning and launched into a thorough scrubbing of cabins, dining areas, bathrooms, kitchen, shrine rooms, and hallways plus completed planting more native seed in outside areas around the buildings. Friday evening, we shared a delicious potluck dinner and great conversation. The next morning cleaning continued so that our retreat facility is now ready for upcoming spring retreats. Losar lunch on Saturday included vegetarian momos (potstickers) thanks to the cooking expertise of James Clifford.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who made the trip to SCOL for their impressive hard work and generous spirit (Cynthia, Kate, Susan and her friend Ken, Dora, Bill, James, Jennifer and her husband Steve, Patricia, Dan, and Phuntsok). Retreatants at the end of every retreat do a great job of cleaning as seva practice but this deep cleaning at Losar is a perfect way to set a positive tone for the coming year, especially as we anticipate new Buddhist groups using our beautiful center for the first time.

SCOL will host additional work parties on April 20, June 1, and July 20 focusing on other aspects of work needed on the property. An overnight stay is always free, and we enjoy shared meals in a casual atmosphere of friendship. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact Vicki or Wilder at scol.kcc@gmail.com.