Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell as KCC’s New Managing Director

February 24, 2024

Dear KCC Sangha,

It brings us immense joy to share with you that Tim Campbell has graciously accepted the role of our new Managing Director at KCC.

Tim Campbell embodies a profound commitment to the Dharma, having dedicated over three decades to its study and practice. As a member of the KCC community since 2009, Tim’s contributions have been invaluable. From his tenure as Board President from 2013 to 2019, his stewardship of the mind training group since 2012, and his instrumental role in teaching mind training retreats since 2018, Tim has continually demonstrated his dedication to the community’s spiritual growth.

A four week transition in May has been planned for Tim to learn from Liza.  He will assume full director responsibilities in June.

The board extends its heartfelt gratitude to outgoing director Liza Baer for her unwavering dedication to her role and to KCC. Despite her decision to step down from the director position this past fall to pursue a graduate degree in Counseling, Liza’s commitment to ensuring the success of KCC’s dharma programs has remained steadfast. Week after week, she has diligently worked to uphold the quality and integrity of our offerings, ensuring that our community receives enriching and fulfilling experiences.

Moreover, Liza’s ongoing efforts to advance key initiatives demonstrate her profound investment in KCC’s mission and vision. Through her leadership and dedication, she has laid valuable groundwork that will continue to guide KCC’s growth and impact in the days ahead.

Please join us in extending our deepest appreciation to Liza and our warmest congratulations to Tim as he assumes this new role.

For the Dharma,

KCC Board of Directors
Eric Triebelhorn, Resident Lama