June 2022 – Sangha Meeting Notes

June 14, 2022

The monthly sangha meeting was conducted on 12-June.

Questions were raised and info shared re the following:

1. Miriam Hammer is officially the KCC Service Group Coordinator for the Portland facility. Hurray!

2. Karmapa discussion 6/19, 10:15 to noon at KCC and via Zoom

Announcement emailed this morning from the Board:
“There will be 14 five-minute slots available. Each five-minute slot will allow for two minutes of speaking, and three minutes of reflection and clarification. The purpose of this session will be to share feelings, needs, values, and experiences, not for debate, commenting on others’ statements, or convincing anybody about anything.”
Outside facilitator, LaShelle Lowe-Charde, is highly priased – we are optimistic.

Additional sessions may be planned as needed.

3. Sustaining Membership Drive

Suggested what if we all raise our existing donations by 10%?
About 50% of our bills are covered by sustaining membership donations currently.
KCC’s 2022 Sustaining Membership Drive
Sustaining Membership Drive: KCC’s Current Finances
Sustaining Membership Drive: Volunteering at KCC


Employee Sarah is committed to stay through the summer.
We are not planning to hire another person at this time.

SCOL team:

  • Brad Upton, Cynthia Irvine, Dan Malmon, Peter Frothingham, Sarah
  • We “perennially” consider what it would take to rent SCOL to other groups for retreats.
  • There are legal considerations of import along with other considerations.
  • There is a need and a market for places for Buddhist groups to do retreat.
  • Another idea is for an Exchange Program with international sangha members who could come do retreat at SCOL.

5. Outreach to other Sanghas

  • KCC is considering hiring a part time communications person who would manage official communications with other sanghas.
  • KCC is a member of the NW Dharma Assocation. Group Directory : Northwest Dharma Association
  • We are connected with KDC in Eugene (Lamas Tsang Tsing, Sonam, and Yenchen). Kagyu Dakshang Chuling (kdc-eugene.org)
  • Lama Liza who completed 3-year retreat with KCC is visiting from KSC in Ashland to lead a 2-day Tonglen Retreat with Tim Campbell, August 12-13. » Awakening the Heart by Transforming Resistance – A Tonglen Retreat (kcc.org)
  • Engaged Buddhist group received support from ZCO and Berkeley Zen Center about establishing an EB program.
  • We may like to do more outreach – Lama Chimey is percolating ideas.

6. Masks at KCC

For now, masks are required inside KCC.
Team for making decisions re masking: Lama Eric, John J, Julie H, Linda G

7. Community Life Service Group

Sattva Social Club: Three Fridays in June
This Friday is the first Old and New Friends Potluck at KCC, 6/17, 6:30 to 8:30
(Next Friday, Dancing the 21 Praises of Tara)
SSC is planning ongoing offerings for KCC-ers to get together
(SSC Group: Carolyn P, Judatha, Linda G, Mary W, Phyllis, Peter W.)

Needs & Care

  • 43 KCC-ers completed NC Surveys.
  • Needs & Care Group has organized and analyzed the data.
  • Discussions are underway for how best to use this data in a sustainable process within a sangha-wide community of care. TBD
    (Needs & Care Group: Bob W, Cynthia I, Judatha, Julie C, Linda G, Linda L, Michelle Z, Peter W.)