Sustaining Membership Drive: Volunteering at KCC

May 31, 2022

We hope everyone who discovers KCC and wants to help out and to get to know the community will get in touch with Sally Mead, our volunteer coordinator, at

Here’s a sampler of the many volunteer opportunities available:

For quick opportunities that don’t require much pre-planning or an on-going commitment, you could:

  • Join a Dharma Diggers day gardening in KCC’s yard.
  • Stay after the morning Q & A on the fourth Sunday of the month and hunt dust bunnies with the Karma Cleaners.
  • Help with set-up or clean-up after a Sattva Social Club movie night.

For one-time opportunities that do ask for commitment ahead of time, you could:

  • Participate in a work party out at SCOL.
  • Learn to check-in participants in a class at the Portland Center.
  • Sing or juggle or dance or do a comedy routine in our yearly Blooming Lotus Vajriety Show.

For a small recurring commitment, you could do something like:

  • Sign on to be a greeter or set up the tea one or two Sunday mornings a month.
  • Learn to be a Zoom host for Sunday practice or group meetings.

If you’re ready for more on-going service, you could:

  • Sign on to write for or help produce KCC’s monthly newsletter.
  • Join the Program Support Team to help organize the logistics for classes or retreats.
  • Join the Facilities Team to help maintain the Portland Center.
  • Join the SCOL Team to help take care of the buildings and land at the retreat center.
  • Join the Development Committee to help plan a Buddhist Bingo Night and Sangha Services Raffle.
  • Join one of the Community Life Service Groups.

If you attend KCC virtually, you are welcome to serve on many of our teams and committees. Most meetings are hybrid or on Zoom, and there are many tasks that can be done from home.

This is very much a partial list. Please reach out to Sally Mead ( or any of KCC’s Service Group Coordinators for the bigger picture.

We will help you find your way to be part of making KCC “the kind of community we all long to be part of.”