KCC’s 2022 Sustaining Membership Drive

May 31, 2022

“Together we can create the type of community that we all long to be part of.”
—Lama Eric Triebelhorn

KCC invites you to begin, renew, or expand your engagement with our precious sangha. We are launching a membership drive to encourage you to become a Sustaining Member of KCC.

“The beauty of doing a small thing feels great,” said Rosemarie Sweet about volunteering as a greeter at KCC on Sunday mornings whenever she can.

“I believe that money is a physical manifestation of energy in some cases, and I am continuously working to find more sustainable ways to dedicate my energy to the path for myself and all beings,” wrote Lotus Romey-Yu of her monthly financial support for KCC.

“I like taking a peek at people’s smiles or seeing them at ease in the space (very sneaky of me!); that means the volunteer job is well done!” writes Makiko Oki, one of KCC’s Chenrezi umdzes and also a Sunday Shrine Tender.

“KCC is a place where there are kind and caring people who share with me a belief that learning about and practicing Buddhist teachings make me a better person. Since I found it in 2010, I have wanted to maintain it by both my financial commitment and by volunteering, especially at SCOL, which I live closer to than most of the people in the Sangha. I have also made provision for KCC to share modestly in my estate,” wrote Peter Frothingham.

“I’ve become more involved as a volunteer with KCC, and it’s surprisingly fun,” Judatha Kline said of her role as Community Life Service Group Coordinator.

All of these people are members of KCC, as is everyone who finds a spiritual home in this community.

But they have gone further, and either pledged financial support or committed to volunteer service, or both. Their gifts of time and money are dana for our precious Dharma family; for Lama Eric and Lama Michael and the Lamas and experienced practitioners who assist them; for our Portland Center, for SCOL, and for all the people who forged KCC into what it is today. Their support expresses love and gratitude for the Three Jewels and cultivates bodhicitta for the benefit of every sentient being.

We recognize people like these and many others as Sustaining Members. In Lama Eric’s words, they contribute to creating “the type of community that we all long to be part of.”

There are three ways to become a Sustaining Member of KCC.

  • You can donate regularly
  • You can volunteer regularly
  • You can even do both!

KCC has 121 Sustaining Members who fulfill a consistent financial pledge, and 70 Sustaining Members who volunteer regularly. (In fact, most of the 70 people who volunteer also donate financial support.)

We know there are many more people among the 240 people on our Community email list and the 1,100 people on our Announce email list who share feelings of love and gratitude for KCC. We want to be sure everyone knows how to begin, renew, or expand engagement with KCC as a Sustaining Member.

KCC is 46 years old this year! We invite you to help us reach our goal of having 146 Sustaining Members by July 20th!

Sustaining Members weave KCC into a beautiful Dharma fabric.

Those who donate financial support are the warp of KCC’s fabric, whether you pledge $5 or $500 a month. What matters is doing the most you can in your life circumstances.

Initiate a new pledge or increase the amount of your current donation.

Take a moment to fill in the form, and be sure to write “Sustaining Membership Drive” in the notes.



Those who volunteer are the weft of KCC’s fabric, whether you participate in the Dust Bunny Roundup once a month with the Karma Cleaners or serve on the Board of Directors.  If you wish to consider becoming a volunteer, please contact Sally Mead at mead.sally@gmail.com.

Find service in a role that suits you and supports your practice and community.



Sustaining Members make the Dharma available to those who seek the teachings and to those who truly can’t donate or volunteer. As Lama Eric has written, “Summoning the clarity of mind and openness of heart that we develop on our cushions and offering them to the world is nothing short of our most noble goals and purposes. That—to borrow a phrase—is meditation in action.”

Thank you for considering Sustaining Membership!