Weekly Happenings May 29 to June 5

May 30, 2021

Dear Sangha,

The Happenings email didn’t get posted last night because your Executive Director (me) is cashing in on the Rafting Trip purchase at the Blooming Lotus Fundraiser two years ago (postponed last year due to Covid-19) and there is much to get ready! Six of us will be floating down the John Day River this next week guided by Phil Wallin, river guide extraordinaire.

The rafting party will have no internet access and thus no way of communication with y’all. Willa Rabinovitch (willarab@gmail.com) has kindly offered to field all concerns and questions you may have in my absence. If you have questions about SCOL, please contact Chehale or Sarah at SCOL.KCC@gmail.com.

Attached to this email is a document listing all KCC’s recurring events with their Zoom link. If you save this document, you should never have to worry about finding a Zoom link for a recurring KCC event. You might even try adding your favorite programs to your own calendar as a recurring event and pasting the Zoom link there so it will easily be available. Of course you can always access the links via KCC’s website calendar…and while you’re there, take a look around the rest of the website!

Below are updates and highlights for the next two weeks. I’ll not be sending out a weekly happenings email next week. Perhaps there will be some photos to share after our rafting excursion!

See you after my trip. Thank you for your support!


  • Watch for the KCC Newsletter for stories and articles about past and future events–sent out the first of every month. Doug Dunlap and friends work hard to help you stay in touch with our KCC community here in Portland and beyond.
  • SANGHA PICNIC? Yes! The details will be worked out by the Sattva Social Club but we want you to know that there’s something in the works for a possible June date. We want to be able to safely meet in a park to catch up with each other, dine together, play some games while we wait for conditions to be acceptable for opening the center up for practice.
  • CONSTRUCTION. New windows have been installed in the main floor bathroom, interview room, and south community room. Fresh air will be at our disposal now! (Replacement windows are on their way for Lama Eric’s new office space, the A/V room, and the Dharma Bookshop, too.) Thanks go to Willa for organizing all this work to be done…and to all of you for funding this work!


  • Sattva Social Club’s First Friday movie next week is “Blessings: The Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet,” an award-winning film about the Nangchen Nuns’ journey to Tibet.  The Zoom link will be available on our website 15 minutes before the event begins (5:45pm  PDT). Included will be a discussion led by the filmmaker herself, Victress Hitchcock, a friend of Teri Duffy. This will be a good prelude to Lama Chimey’s class, Early Buddhist Women (see below).
  • Sattva Social Club Hike – Larch Mountain on Tuesday, June 8. Experienced hike, Nicole Seals, will be our guide. See the calendar for more information about this great opportunity to visit the lands of the Northwest.