Update on Selection of new Board members

March 10, 2021

Dear KCC Sangha,

The KCC Board of Directors is making steady progress toward selection of new members of the Board. We want to tell you where we stand right now.

Our call for nominations and volunteers went out to the Sangha last November 17, with a reminder in December. We received a number of volunteers and nominations. Board members have been talking to those volunteers and nominees, and we are now focusing on four candidates who would be prepared to join the Board immediately. We are holding interviews with each candidate.

At our meeting on March 21, we will meet with these candidates again and discuss their interest in serving KCC as Board members. All Sangha members are welcome to attend that meeting. The Board may act at that meeting to select a slate of new Directors (subject to review and approval by Lama Eric) or we may decide to wait until the April meeting. In either event, there will be opportunities at later Board meetings to consider additional candidates.

Thank you for participating in this recruitment process. We believe it will make the KCC Board a stronger, more responsive body in service to the Sangha. Gratitude to Phil Wallin, who led this process with assistance from Doug Dunlap and Melissa Hicks.

John Jennings
President, KCC Board of Directors