KCC Strategic Planning – Reflections and New Horizons

January 26, 2023

In this new year, KCC’s sangha will have the opportunity to shape the next strategic plan.

Before embarking on this next stage of visioning, we’d like to take an opportunity to reflect on the previous strategic plan that was finalized in 2013. Through reflecting on the accomplishments and changes in the past decade, we hope sangha members will find inspiration to participate in shaping KCC’s next strategic plan.


The 2013 strategic plan identified 4 main goals:

  1. Plan for and complete the initial one year and three-year retreats.
  2. Create a financial base that can support these capital and ongoing expenses in the form of a larger, stable annual fund and revamped processes for capital fundraising.
  3. Create a larger pool of volunteers to carry out the activities of KCC by improving our system for recruitment, training, and volunteer coordination and management.
  4. Acquire a new urban center.

It is clear that KCC accomplished 2 of the 4 goals. The remaining two goals related to volunteers and finances were written in a more open-ended fashion—perhaps an acknowledgment that these key organizational activities will always have a changing horizon. However, as of January 2023, KCC is in a solid financial position and continues to provide opportunities for practice thanks to volunteer efforts by many sangha members.

Next Steps, New Year

Since December 2022, the strategic planning committee has had 4 meetings with Christine Rontal—the consultant hired by the board to facilitate KCC’s Strategic Planning process. The committee members are:

    • Jennifer Chang
    • Ryan Fitz
    • Phil Wallin
    • Linda Logan
    • Judatha Kline
    • Lotus Romey-Yu

The committee exists to facilitate full and inclusive sangha participation and to support Christine in planning engagements to gather additional sangha feedback.

Several themes for KCC’s next strategic plan emerged from the inputs received last year. As a next step, two sangha engagement sessions are scheduled for February 2023. In these February meetings, the goal is to validate these themes (which will be provided in advance) and gain insight on defining strategic goals for each thematic area. We request that people RSVP to attend only one of the two engagement sessions.

19-Feb-2023 (10:15-12:15): ZOOM Forum
26-Feb-2023 (10:15-12:15): In Person at the Portland Center

RSVP by 13 Feb

Our consultant will summarize findings and provide a recommended direction for the foundations of a plan which the Board hopes to draft and approve by September 2023.