Sustaining Supporter Campaign Results

June 28, 2024

KCC started the sustaining supporter campaign eight weeks ago. While fundraising goals were not stated, we shared that KCC’s approved 2024 budget projected a $15,000 deficit and that was after receiving an unexpected significant gift in January.

A few weeks into the Campaign when KCC had achieved about $5000 in additional pledges, someone asked what the fundraising goals were.  Audaciously, the following week’s email stated that a $15,000 increase in pledge income would be an AMAZING accomplishment.

What has the KCC Community accomplished in the last eight weeks?

    • NEW Sustaining Supporters: 14
    • Pledge Increases from existing Supporters: 22
    • One-Time Donations: 20

How much did these pledges raise?

    • Annual Increase in Pledged Income: $15,936
    • One-Time Donations: $6,213

The community’s response has been tremendous, and our staff and board members are deeply appreciative. We are committed to wisely stewarding these gifts on behalf of the Dharma.

Another “thank-you” to the Sangha members who shared a slice of their Dharma path during this campaign.

One pillar of KCC’s strategic plan is to develop a holistic and sustainable financial plan to compensate KCC staff adequately and maintain the Portland Center and SCOL facilities. We have work to do to define specific benchmarks and implement plans to increase revenue. Financial contributions from Sustaining Supporters will always be a significant component of KCC’s budget.

May KCC’s practices, retreats, and community continue to support flourishing on the Dharma path!

The winner of the last 2024 Sustaining Supporter Prize Drawing is: