SCOL Welcomes Visitors!

September 17, 2022

KCC’s Ser Chö Ösel Ling has housed a one-year retreat, a three-year retreat, and numerous shorter events. During the early COVID days, SCOL was completely shut down, but has now reopened and has expanded options for visitors. We welcome individuals to come for personal retreat; now there are new opportunities to help support SCOL while enjoying what the high desert has to offer.

For individuals who feel connected to KCC, come out and spend a night on the land! When retreats are not in session, we want to encourage people to come visit this sacred place. Our facilities are rustic and we hope our prices reflect that. For $60 per person nightly, you can have access to facilities including a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and small shrine room. No candles, alcohol, or pets allowed.

For those who are familiar with SCOL, we extend a larger offer – the chance to bring a casual group of friends out to stay in the cabins, cook in the main kitchen, and have your own “retreat” – whether that be for a singing group, a book group, or a gaggle of friends. The price would remain the same. While there would be staff onsite, they would not be playing the supporting role which they do for KCC sponsored events… Bring your own bear spray! If this idea sounds enticing but you are not yet familiar with SCOL, volunteer to help at an upcoming retreat on the land. This would be required before bringing out a group.

To reserve a date, or for further questions, contact