Screenshot of a calendar event. With an arrow pointing to the "connect to zoom" link.

[Updated] Website Feature: Connect to ZOOM

December 2, 2020

UPDATE : You may now add the event to your Google or iCalendar anytime by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page. Once you add it to your calendar, the link to the event webpage will appear in your own calendar so that you will have easy access to the Zoom link.

You are now able to connect directly to ZOOM and join all meditation practices and most study groups from KCC website!  Fifteen minutes prior to most meditations and study groups, a “Connect to ZOOM” link will appear on that calendar entry.

The two exceptions to the use of this new feature are: 1) the Death & Dying study group and 2) events that require registration.  The hosts of the Death & Dying study group will still continue to email a ZOOM link to interested attendees.  For events that require registration, ZOOM Links will be sent via registration emails.