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KCC Sangha Meeting Notes from Sunday, March 14

March 19, 2021

Submitted by Willa Rabinovitch

Social Club activities

  • Movie nights, beginning in March, with films suitable for all ages, via Zoom for the time being,
    and including time for discussion
  • Sacred Tara dances, led by Phyllis Moses, in April via Zoom. Families can participate
  • A recurring Friday night event when travelers share stories and images of their spiritual


Outreach to Younger People and Newcomers
Observing that Tibetan Buddhism can be intimidating to people coming from a secular
background, meeting participants discussed options for promoting accessibility to newcomers,
especially younger people.

Ideas include:

  • A Study group focused on the basics, including lineages and structures
  • A curriculum for those new to Tibetan Buddhism, with a graduated approach to presenting
  • An assessment of the accessibility of Newcomer Night, KCC’s ongoing introductory offering
  • A mentoring program for those new to the community, especially the next generation


In the Works

  • Screen sharing in the break between Sunday practice and Q&A. Upcoming events listed,
    interspersed with images of SCOL and Urban Center happenings, and of the community’s
    early years
  • Interviews of sangha members, including their views on dharma topics


Lama Eric Shares New Program Ideas

  • Dharma And… Space for people to share their experience of the Dharma, on Sunday
    morning or evening, once or twice a month
  • Sunday evening study group, based on readings, and led by participants, is under
  • Chenrezi study group once or twice a month


Participant Suggestions and Comments

  • The need for healthy debate, allowing the community to get used to talking thoroughly about
    issues, promoting healthy and open exploration
  • Monthly Rime (non-sectarian) Night, including guest speakers, with those from different
    lineages learning from one another
  • Families are hungry for community. Family retreats, other involvement for young families are
    in the works