June Board Highlights

June 20, 2021

by John Jennings, Board President

Executive Director’s Report Highlights
Installation of new windows continues at the urban center.

Guidelines for On-site Gatherings
1. Multnomah County Health guidelines currently limit churches to gathering inside to 75% capacity with people still being masked. Up to 300 can gather outside.
2. The first major gathering will be the picnic June 27.
3. The goal is to reopen the urban center on Sunday, July 4. It is an administrative decision for Linda Grove and Lama Eric to decide reopening protocols according to CDC, Oregon Health Authority, and Multnomah County guidelines.

Meeting to Gather Subject Matter Expert Input on Reorganization Proposal
1. A meeting is scheduled for June 24 for staff and principal volunteers (Subject Matter Experts—SMEs). The goals of the meeting are to familiarize these SMEs with the plan, determine their response to the gist of the idea, and gather their input. The Board advised careful preparation for the meeting.
2. Linda Grove advocates third party facilitation to insure best outcomes. Tom O’Conner and Teddie Gardner have submitted a proposal for facilitation which falls within Linda G’s spending authority.

President’s Update
1. All Board documents for meetings will now only be available from the Board’s Box folder.
2. We discussed the format of Board minutes and agreed to try a more condensed format for next month.
3. There is a growing need to update the By-Laws. John, Phil and Sandy will begin compiling potential changes.

PC Meeting Report
1. The PC is considering making the workshop “Awakening Whiteness” available to KCC. Members who have participated find it valuable.
2. Lama Eric will be on retreat in July and is putting people in place to cover for him.
3. The PC discussed a cautious reopening of the Urban Center in July; as well as reopening SCOL.
4. A week-long period of Personal Retreat is now scheduled for SCOL at the end of July. It is being considered to make this a regular activity every month.
5. We must upgrade WiFi connectivity at SCOL to enable continued Zoom participation in retreats.
6. Children’s Program—Chozen Bays was consulted about requirements. Linda G will insure that the Children’s Program charter is posted on the website.
7. There was discussion about plans to address within our sangha the sexual misconduct allegations against H.H. Karmapa.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement Progress
1. John sent a request and background research to the Equanimity and Inclusion Study Group to see if they would be willing to draft a statement for KCC to convey that “All are Welcome.” This statement is intended to focus on inclusivity, not broader issues such as sexism, or sexual misconduct and abuse, which require their own deep analysis.
2. Rosemarie will contact Zopa to confirm if the group will take this on, and if so, suggest a timeline.

Draft Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism Group
Draft guidelines prepared by Linda B, Phil and Linda G were reviewed and discussed. Key points are: (1)We will delve deeply into this issue with the sangha during strategic planning. Until this occurs, (2)The group should form as an interest group rather than a formal group representing KCC; and (3)The KCC 2021 budget doesn’t include support for these activities. The guidelines were approved. Linda B will send the guidelines to the group before their first meeting.

SCOL Update
1. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) fuel reduction project was completed. We expect to receive $3,000 for the work.
2. A bacterial infestation affected the oaks at lower levels of the property. They are losing their leaves but regrowth is appearing.
3. The Creek House remodel is progressing.
4. Three baby deer have been seen on the land.
5. Sarah looked into options for improving WiFi connectivity. The best solution might be a cellphone hotspot. Other options researched include internet via dish, or maybe satellite service. Sarah will look into the new Star Link service.

Policy for Determining Executive Sessions
A task group of Sandy, Phil, Rosemarie and John revised the first draft of the policy, simplifying and clarifying the wording, and requiring approval from a super majority of Board members present minus one to call an Executive Session. There was concern that the language “include, but are not limited to” could allow too much flexibility, but the overall wording of the document helps narrow things down. After further revision at the meeting, the Policy was approved. A link will be posted on the website.

Financial Report
1. Financially we are still holding steady, with 4.5 months reserve in the General Fund and 11 months in the Emeritus Lama Fund. The Finance committee feels we are in a strong position financially, but need to be aware that major revenues are planned to occur toward the end of the year. A message from Lama Eric will go out, likely as a video. Blooming Lotus is budgeted to raise $40,000 in the fall.
2. SCOL funding was discussed and will be a topic for Strategic Planning. The Board requests that the SCOL Team explore renting SCOL to outside organizations.

Staggered Board Terms
Now that we have a policy of term limits for Board, terms will be staggered for continuity. Phil will send his proposal for specific terms via email.

Addressing H.H.Karmapa Issues
A committee consisting of Lama Eric, Zopa Herron, Linda Grove, Lama Chimey, Peter Wood, John Jennings and Jess Amo is planning a Zoom meeting on June 28th for all sangha members who wish to attend. The concern of the sangha, and Lama Eric’s skillful and sensitive response are evident in this morning’s (6/20/21) Q&A. We discussed thanking Lama Eric for taking the initiative and his careful concern for the welfare of the sangha around this topic, and offer him support if needed. Linda B will draft a statement of gratitude.

Next Meeting (7/18/21) will be in-person at KCC (with Ryan and Sandy on screen).

Parking Lot
1. Children’s Program Safety Policy
2. Preparing for Strategic Planning
3. Discuss possible By-Laws revisions