International Mahamudra Seminar Reflection

December 13, 2023

Returning to India after a 15 year hiatus was heartwarming. Experienced travelers from KCC
facilitated the application process with valuable information, supported travel arrangements,
and eased the transition from Delhi to Mirik with companionship.

Mirik is still a small hill-town, easy to navigate, within walking distance of the Bokar Ngedon
Chokor Ling monastery. The monastery and grounds are colorful and beautiful; the views
superb. The atmosphere was welcoming, friendly, comfortable.

The seminar schedule was intense, the teachings rich and well-paced. Most of all, having full
days focused on meditation and teachings in such a setting made it easy to be absorbed in
practice. It was like coming home.

The presence of Khenchen Lodroe Dhonyo Rinpoche, with his joyful demeanor, was a source of delight. Rinpoche gave generously of his time, wisdom and empowerments. And the blessing of connecting with Yangsi Bokar Rinpoche was poignant, as we met the future of the lineage mingling with traditions of the past.

Being immersed in the Dharma in such company is a well-spring of inspiration and gratitude.

Cynthia Knox


Attending my first Mahamudra program seminar in India at Bokar Monastery was an unforgettable experience! While I had various emotional, intellectual, and physical hurdles to overcome and deal with along the way, I was continuously buoyed by the special atmosphere and beauty of Bokar Monastery, the incredible teachings offered, the warm and inviting presence of Khenchen Lodrö Donyö Rinpoche and Yangsi Bokar Rinpoche, the kind monks who looked after us so well, the amazing lamas, teachers and volunteers (and Lama Eric’s exceptional translation skills!), and the devoted and inspiring community of practitioners. Mirik and India in general offered quite a unique adventure as well! Long before the seminar was over, I’d not only gained confidence, but was deeply moved by feelings of gratitude, a strong sense of connection to the place and people, and a profound commitment to the practices. My sincerest wish is that anyone with a leaning towards Vajrayana could have the great good fortune as I did to join fellow KCC members and attend a Mahamudra seminar in India at Bokar Monastery -^-

Vicki Blair


For me the experience at Bokar Monastery in Mirik is always an immersive inspirational one. This year was a recharging of my spiritual battery for the lone dark times of my personal practice. I now have images, sounds, and energy from being in Mirik surrounded by the phenomenal architecture, amazing paintings, altars, and statues along with the frequent chanting of the monks and the direct teaching from the masters themselves, Yangsi Bokar Rinpoche and Kenchen Lodro Donyo Rinpoche, as well as our very experienced and talented “Western” teachers.  The hundreds of “students” that come from the “West” all share a direct link to the lineage, the source of our teachings and practices, which we transfer back to our local centers. The direct in-person empowerments from the lineage masters are precious and rare. I’m also amazed at how well the Rinpoches and monks took care of us – putting out a feast of food every meal and milk tea and coffee with cookies (biscuits) at every break.  With so much sitting every day, I’m thankful for the steep hill climb from the hotel in the village up to, and back from, the monastery at least twice a day.


– John Jennings