Lama Eric Triebelhorn

From Lama Eric

December 4, 2020

Hello KCC Community,

I am very thankful for the first 11 months of this year where I was given the opportunity to continue to learn and develop some ability to present the Dharma. A key component to gaining, maintaining, and deepening the experience necessary to meaningfully share such teachings is formal retreat. Therefore, I am taking the month of December for retreat at SCOL and am deeply appreciative of the time and support to do so.

If emergencies of life or death arise, naturally I will be available. A text or repeated phone calls will come to my attention. I will not be checking email or other messaging apps during this time. For those in need of speaking with someone about a non-emergency issue, a list of people follows who are willing to listen and offer what they can. If you are not sure whom to talk to, Jeff Alworth has agreed to field such inquiries.

Wishing everyone well-being and good practice through the end of the year. See you as we round the bend into 2021!


Contact Information

If you have inquiries about committee or organizational work, please contact Linda Grove. If you need to speak to a teacher about a practice issue and can’t wait for Lama Eric to return, contact Zopa Herron. If you are more comfortable speaking to another senior student, please email your phone number to Peter Wood, Sally Alworth, Chimey, Tim Campbell, or Jeff Alworth. They would be delighted to speak with you.

For all other contacts, or if you’re unsure whom to contact, email Jeff Alworth.