Family Retreat 2024 Appreciation

June 10, 2024

Fun, friendship, and families at SCOL

Over the three-day weekend May 25-27, seven children and seventeen adults gathered at SCOL to enjoy our beautiful environment, make new friends, and share in a few fun activities. Families came in all shapes and sizes, open to all whether or not accompanied by children.

Activities included collecting our unique and ancient smooth rocks to decorate with earth-based paints. There was a nature scavenger hunt, thanks to Dora. Then on Sunday three teams of “naturalists” collected, identified, and released tiny aquatic animals (macroinvertebrates) to assist the biologists for our on-going Carrols Creek Meadow Project. These tiny creatures can indicate the health of a water system. We will do this activity again after the restoration project is completed to determine if there have been improvements in our stream and meadow. Meals, of course, were delicious and plentiful thanks to families bringing and preparing food to share. Wilder treated us to a fabulous dinner making our own pizza.

Family retreats are great opportunities to experience SCOL in a relaxed atmosphere and deepen relationships within the Sangha. They are held on Memorial Weekend every year. Plan to join us in 2025.