Dollars behind the Dharma Quiz

May 16, 2023

If you take a minute to provide your best guesses, you could win a book from the KCC Bookstore!  For the truly competitive, you can find financial reports on the KCC website to inform your guesses. For each question, whoever makes the closest estimate wins a book of their choice from our Dharma Bookshop.The quiz is open until 31-May.

  • How much does propane cost to heat SCOL for one month in the winter?
  • What is the annual budget for wages and benefits of KCC staff who care for our sacred facilities (SCOL and our Portland Center), teach the dharma, and communicate and organize activities over the course of a year?
  • We recently pumped out the four septic systems at SCOL. (Who knew it takes so many?) How much did this cost?
  • Soon we will need to replace the roof over our Portland Center. What is the current bid for this maintenance?
  • Our technical support needs are vast. We need Zoom, Vimeo, Retreat Guru, Tech Soup, Google Storage, Neon, Sign-Up Genius, Event Calendar, and Acuity Scheduling. What is the annual cost for all of these?
  • We currently have 130 Sustaining Members who have pledged ongoing support for KCC. What is the average monthly gift from our Sustaining Members?

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Help us brainstorm ways to financially support KCC. Contact if you have ideas or enthusiasm for fundraising, grant writing, or other brilliant schemes.

We guarantee you our heartiest thanks!

KCC’s Finance Team: Linda Besant, Pat Parker, Cynthia Irvine, Ryan Fitz, Jennifer Chang, Liza Baer, and Steve Unangst