December 2022 – Board Highlights

January 16, 2023

Dear Sangha:

Belatedly, here are the highlights from the 18 December 2022 board meeting.  We apologize for the tardiness of this communication.

1.  John Jennings Departure.  The Board thanked John Jennings for his dedicated service as a Board member and Board President, and gave some parting gifts.

2.  SCOL Insurance Discussion.  The Board concurred that the property insurance at SCOL would not be renewed. (Additional background on this decision is in the January 2023 newsletter)

3.  Budget approval.  The Board approved the 2023 KCC budget.  

4.  Sexual misconduct policy.  Board member Doug Dunlap shared that this would be ready to review in January.  (**Note:  review and approval of the policy will be on the Feb 2023 board agenda)

5.  Executive Director Hire.  The hiring committee (Chang, Jennings, Rothermich, Sweet) presented their recommendation to the board.  The board had an extensive discussion about the reasons supporting the recommendation.  The Board approved the motion to adopt the committees recommendation.  

6.  Ryan Fitz Board Resignation.  Ryan Fitz informed the Board that he is stepping down as a Board member a year prior to the expiration of his three-year term. He will continue serving on the Strategic Planning Committee for the time being. Several Board members expressed their sincere appreciation for all of Ryan’s service on the Board and for KCC generally.

If you wish to see the full detail of our meetings, the full minutes of each KCC Board meeting are posted after they have been approved by the Board at the following Board meeting (30 days later).

All Board meetings are open to all sangha members. We meet by Zoom on the third Sunday of each month from 1:30-4:30pm. Please join us.

Jennifer Chang, KCC Board Member