August 22 — Sangha Meeting Notes

August 27, 2022

The Sangha Meeting on August 14 was attended by 6 people on Zoom and 6 people in person. We got to try out the OWL—a combination mic, speaker, and camera in one—which provides seamless discussion between those online and in person.

The discussion focused on finances and how to use SCOL more effectively. Financially we lost a little ground on our backup reserves (we are down to 3.1 months reserve vs desired 6 months) but are still healthy.

There was some brainstorming around possible ways to add income from SCOL:

  • allow sangha members to take various groups over a weekend (we are covered by insurance for this type of activity)
  • allow outside groups to rent the space, which is more complicated.
  • with all the wood left over from cutting of trees for fire prevention, Lotus suggested we could make mushrooms logs for sale or implement other creative ideas.

With regard to employment, KCC is hoping to hire someone to help caretake the land. Locations to explore might be from Goldendale, Yakima, or our own sangha members.

These were the main talking points.

NOTE: The September 11 Sangha Meeting has been cancelled due to the special event that weekend at the Portland Center. Please stay tuned for updates regarding the next sangha meeting topics.