April 2022 – Sangha Meeting Notes

April 11, 2022

Attendees: Lotus, Terri Duffy, Susan Giese, Mary Guenther, Peter Wood, Dora DeCoursey, Jennifer Chang (Board)

Facilitator: Judatha Kline (Service Group Coordinator)

Community Life Service Group Update

What is working for you at KCC?

  • The retreat with Lama Chimey was wonderful!  Less structured and more laid back – it created an environment for connection.
  • Morning meditation is a great support! Thank you to the guides.
  • Online access for people who are away in body – “The soul of you all is present.”
  • Newsletter is great.  “Just reading the story of the Buddhist Women Disciples retreat, I felt like I was there.”
  • Many retreat offerings.
  • Merging zoom with in-person gatherings at KCC and SCOL – “Those are great accomplishments!”
  • Opportunities to volunteer support practice goals, can see and work with kleshas on the path.
  • “I appreciate being part of the sangha.” “I appreciate that movement has continued.”
  • Awakening to Whiteness – “I met people at KCC who I did not know before.”
  • Meal train worked well for scheduling meals support after a medical procedure. “Without that, everyone shows up and once and it’s overwhelming.”
  • Appreciation for Erik F. who “took a leap” into the topic of the Karmapa in the Q&A today.
  • Sharing opportunities to hear teachings – Tsadra Foundation, Naropa, etc.
  • “I’m glad that KCC is open for in-person meditation.”

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Retreats are expensive! Cost is a barrier to attendance.
    • One attendee did not know there were scholarships available
    • Communicate scholarship opportunities more widely.
    • “Go ahead and ask” for scholarships.
    • Provide tiered cost structure for SCOL residential retreats.
    • Increase transparency into how the cost is determined.
  • Would like to see more visiting teachers at KCC.
  • We are down to three months reserve when six months reserve is needed.
    • Just paid annual insurance for SCOL – big bill!
    • Would like to see a tiered structure for membership like before.
  • Ongoing challenge in recruiting volunteers.
    • We need more people to help maintain the Zoom/in person system
  • More social activities, please.
    • Movie night scheduled 4/29.