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We are a Portland-based meditation community committed to supporting each other in life and on the path of awakening.

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Welcome to Kagyu Changchub Chuling, a center for Buddhist meditation in the Tibetan tradition. Join us for any of our regularly-scheduled meditation practices; we have options to suit meditators at all levels.

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At this time, all of our events and practices are accessible via Zoom livestream only. Please use our Full Calendar, linked at the top of each page, to access the Zoom link 15 minutes before the start of each program.

Upcoming Events

Register for retreats, classes, and events to deepen your meditation practice and understanding of the Dharma.

Bokar Mahamudra Seminar

Bokar Rinpoche initiated the Mahamudra Seminar in 1992 to provide a concise yet complete approach to the stages of mahamudra practice. Lama Eric Triebelhorn will be leading this seminar for practitioners at all levels.

Monday, Sep 20, 2021 - Sunday, Sep 26, 2021
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Tonglen—Training the Mind with Compassion

This two-day retreat on Zoom includes formal instruction in meditation and contemplation practices specific to the “Mind Training” tradition.

Friday, Oct 8, 2021 - Saturday, Oct 9, 2021


Mahamudra Shamatha—Embracing the View, Allowing the Meditation

For this retreat there is an option to attend the first 3 days only or continue on for the full 7-day retreat. There are no prerequisites to participate in this retreat, but you must be able to attend all the sessions for which you register.

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 - Thursday, Oct 28, 2021
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


News & Community

Announcements from KCC and articles about the community.

Gratitude and a Request

Watch the video for an update from Lama Eric.


Sangha Meeting Notes – September 12

September’s sangha meeting was devoted to reporting on and receiving sangha input for the KCC administrative reorganization planning process.


Individual Retreats at SCOL

KCC continues to offer the opportunity for individual retreats at SCOL.


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New to KCC?

KCC’s regular meditations are open to all members of the public, and in most cases the teacher will offer basic instructions before meditation.

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