Kagyu Changchub Chuling

A center for the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism founded by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche

KCC’s Annual Sangha Wingding

KCC Urban Center

Come celebrate in our new home -- See for yourself the difference a year has made!

  • See the slide show (with a cast of thousands) covering the renovation process.
  • Listen to stories, and share your stories, about what took place.
  • Join in thanking all of us (for we all helped one way or another).
  • Plus you can help eat the food everyone’s bringing for the potluck. And if you stay to help clean up, no one will complain!

This has been a year of amazing transformation. Each week brought surprises. From the early days of ... oh I can't believe it, there was no post holding up that beam! ... to a very recent unfolding in the 'permanent' construction zone of the lower level … one Sunday's reality of raw sheetrock with plaster dust everywhere and beyond, the very next Sunday became Wow, this is so beautiful! Clean smooth surfaces, pale yellow paint positively aglow with sunlight.

Our Wingding event will begin with a potluck (see below). In the middle will be a short session of meditation - a chance to stop, to rest in this space, giving rise to gratitude and joy. Then we'll hear presentations from Lama Michael, the Program Council and the Board of Directors. There will be slide shows (seemingly with a cast of thousands) and stories chronicling the big transformation of our wonderful new home, as well as an opportunity to thank everyone who helped bring this about.


If your last name begins with:

A to H: bring a vegetarian main or side dish
I to O:  bring salads or bread/chips
P to Z:  bring a dessert.
Or bring which of these you’d love to make.

If you can, please bring your own plate, cup and eating utensils and take them home to wash.

Seeing is believing...Come...See for yourself...And then stay to hear the plans for this new year!