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Care and Feeding of Your Daily Practice

Event Leader: 
Jeff and Sally Alworth
KCC Urban Center — 73 NE Monroe

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As lay practitioners, once we discover a practice that engages and inspires us, one of the greatest challenges is how to apply that practice consistently in our daily lives. When a driver cuts us off in traffic, a co-worker says something unkind, or we see a troubled person on the bus or street, the Dharma provides us tools to work with these situations. But without a habit of regular meditation, we may not turn to those tools when we need them the most. Establishing a daily practice is the foundation for remembering to apply the Dharma throughout our lives.

In Care and Feeding of Your Daily Practice, we will work with different techniques and approaches to help you establish a regular practice that works for you. This one-month course will be held on five successive Tuesday evenings.  Participants will be asked to experiment with various exercises during the week and then share discoveries and challenges with one another during class. Sally and Jeff Alworth, who have experienced both success and struggle in their twenty years as practitioners, will lead the class. We ask that participants commit to engaging the class for its full one-month length and plan to attend all of the classes, either in person or via live-stream.

The syllabus for the entire five-class sequence follows.

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Dates: Tuesdays, 7-9pm

April 4
April 11
April 18
April 25
May 2

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Please note: the suggested donation of $20 is for each two-hour class in this series. The option to pay for multiple classes at once is offered in the registration process. 

Syllabus:  Care and Feeding of Your Daily Practice

Establishing a daily practice is a critical element in building an enduring relationship with the Dharma, and yet the busyness of daily life can make it challenging to support. In order to cultivate and maintain a daily practice, we have to make it our own. This class is designed to be an experimental laboratory where we’ll explore the activities, motivations, and circumstances that support our practice so that it can be sustained over the long term, even as obstacles inevitably arise. Attendees will be asked to commit to working with a daily practice, whatever that looks like to you, for the duration of the class.

This class will be appropriate for people new to the Dharma seeking to establish a daily practice, and those who have worked for months or years to establish a durable, reliable daily practice that works in their lives.

Class 1 – How We Practice
- Welcome + Introductions
- Holding the big view:  The importance of creating an expansive context for our practice
- The nuts and bolts:  Making time in your schedule, creating a space for practice, getting comfortable on the cushion, selecting a practice program
- Contemplation for the week:  Loving-kindness

Class 2 – Why We Practice
- Group discussion:  What did you discover about your practice habits this week?
- Finding inspiration:  The real reasons we enter the path, the pitfalls of using our practice as self-help, nurturing a deeper motivation for our practice
- Contemplation for the week:  Compassion

Class 3 – Sustaining Our Connection to the Path
- Group discussion:  What did you discover about your motivations this week?
- Building confidence + curiosity:  Leaning into the three wisdoms, letting ourselves relax, finding joy in the path
- Contemplation for the week:  Sympathetic Joy

Class 4 – Working with Obstacles
- Group discussion:  What fed your practice this week?
- An alternate view of “failure”:  Being honest about our expectations, embracing our obstacles, and preventing disruptions and disappointment from derailing us
- Contemplation for the week:  Equanimity

Class 5 – Where We Go From Here
- Group discussion:  What did you learn about your obstacles this week?
- Looking forward:  What have you discovered, and how will you carry your practice forward after this class?
- Course evaluation:  What was helpful, and what could we change if we led class this again?

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