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This month, we introduce our new board leaders. We also have two singular events to let you know about—Lama Michael’s birthday party and fundraiser and a Tibetan Language Class with a world-class teacher.  We hope you enjoy this issue. As always, let us know if you have story ideas or suggestions for improvement.

Meet the New KCC Board Leaders

Linda and Tim

KCC will experience a leadership transition in June when Kathleen Benz completes her term as President of the Board of Directors and Tim Campbell becomes KCC’s next President. Tim has asked Board member Linda Besant to serve as Assistant President. Kathleen has been working carefully with Tim and Linda for several months. As June approaches, they wanted to let the community know how delighted they are to be honored with this opportunity to serve KCC.

News and Events

In This Issue

Meet the New KCC Board Leaders

Raise the Roof—
June 13, 2014

Tibetan Language Seminar—
June 20 - 22 and
June 27 - 29


Jessica Dennison,
Barbara Miller,
Barbara Bell,
Rosemarie Sweet, and
Julia King Tamang
contributed to the production of this newsletter.

KCC’s future is nurtured and supported by its past; by the wealth of volunteers and their countless hours of effort. Its future also rests on the past in terms of lineage. The masters of the past perceived that the teachings of this lineage would matter not only to future generations of Tibetans, but that they would matter—as in a matter of life and death—to us here and now in this time and place. Just as they took care of future generations with their actions of body, speech and mind, so it is now our duty to preserve, nurture and support these teachings not only for ourselves and immediate generations ahead, but for all future generations to come. Just as the dharma was transplanted from the land of its birth to Tibet, so now is it being transmitted to the West, and we are all participating in this great stream of transmission.

As Tim and I learn more and more about how KCC actually works, our awe at the fortitude and integrity of this sangha increases. We had no idea how many people, behind the scenes and without fanfare, were supporting the great stream of the transmission of dharma with practical effort. We all feast on the fruit of this effort—weekly meditation and teaching, classes, retreats, bookstore, children’s program, dharma friends, debt-free urban center, nearly-complete rural retreat center—not to mention our dear Resident Lama and Associate Teachers.

In fact, some folks may harbor the notion that the golden era of KCC has passed—understandable but incorrect. We have a tendency to think like that—we often look back at the past and think things were better. But folks will look back and think the very same about the time we are in now. Any era is golden to the degree that we invest our mindful practice in it. The future of KCC is being fostered right now as much as it ever has been, with the recent completion of the one-year retreat, the upcoming three-year retreat, efforts to support completion of staff housing at SCOL and the beginning phase of developing plans to purchase a new urban center. There is as much vitality and energy in and around KCC as there ever has been.

Truly, KCC is ripe with opportunities for a new wave of service. Tim and I are eager to lead the way and invite you to join us in nurturing KCC’s next phase. One’s motivation might come from gratitude to the dharma and the lineage of teachers. It might come from one’s stage of life—those in retirement might want to contribute skills acquired over a lifetime, while younger people might want to offer some of their vitality to insure the health of something they value, or to gain a new skill. Motivation might come from wanting to practice the paramita of patience or of joyful diligence alongside others whose desire is to further the welfare of beings. Whatever might move you, there is a perfect niche for your offering in the great coming together of causes and conditions that is this beautiful sangha.

Come to KCC and explore the refuge of the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. Please contact either one of us to talk about helping you find your KCC calling.

Tim Campbell—503-442.2393. tcampbell@amberlotus.com

Linda Besant—503-975-0869. dancebuzz@soapstone.org

Raise the Roof this June 13th with KCC

Music, dance, and games too—Join the Party

Raise the Roof banner

Friday the Thirteenth of June is indeed an auspicious date for a Raise the Roof celebration! Friends of KCC are coming to town to celebrate all that has been achieved at our rural retreat center, SCOL. A retrospective slide show will recall years of construction, environmental restoration and retreat. Can we identify our younger selves in these photos?

PIE. Does anyone like PIE? Thanks to some fabulous KCC bakers, there will be pies a-plenty served along with traditional birthday cake as guests join in celebrating Michael Conklin’s 70th birthday. And tasty hors d’oeuvres will be served during the opening reception.

A Silent Auction will inspire competitive bidding. Generous KCCers are offering vacation homes, garden tours, tea ceremonies, baby sitting, classes on plant based nutrition, yoga instruction, massage, acupuncture, and even a meditation session among resonating singing bowls. Enjoy an exhibit of art objects and bid on one or more for home or office.

The final moment of the Raise the Roof event will be the raffle drawing. Who would not enjoy a week in Sayulita, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta? Photos of the donated vacation home, Casa Mariposa, show an infinity pool, fabulous beach views, and colorfully decorated indoor and patio space. Buy your raffle tickets for $50 through Barbara Bell, or on June 13th. With only 250 raffle tickets, your chance of traveling to Mexico increases.

Reserve space for yourselves and friends now, on line or by mail.  Seating is limited to 150.

​Beginning Tibetan Language Class for Dharma Students in Portland

David CurtisHere’s a chance to learn to read the Tibetan script and to use a Tibetan/English dictionary this summer in Portland! Learning just this much Tibetan will unlock a deeper level of practice, as you probe the meaning of words and phrases in your texts. You’ll be surprised that by the end of day three, you can read every word in your dharma texts!

KCC has endeavored to bring a world-class teacher, Lama David Curtis, for a class in an intensive format of two consecutive weekends to Portland, and to keep it at a reasonable price. To make it even easier, we’re offering scholarships for those who need them.

Course dates are:

Friday, June 20th, to Sunday, June 22nd

Friday, June 27th, to Sunday, June 29th

You’ll have two weekends with a joyful group of friends, and David will work his magic—and before you know it, you’ll be reading Tibetan and understanding your texts and teachings at a whole new level. There are no pre-requisites—this class starts from the very beginning.

The course is $399 for both weekends or $350 for one. The materials are $85. You can send a simple email requesting a scholarship on the registration page. For more information, email Ryan Fitz at fitzful@gmail.com.

Click here to learn more and register online.

Lama David Curtis is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the well-respected Tibetan Language Institute. He trained for five years at Kagyu Ling Monastic College in France (founded by Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche) and also completed the three-year retreat there in 1992. David has a background in Classical Languages and has been teaching Tibetan extensively since 1993. In July of 2007, Gochen Tulku Rinpohce and Namchak Khenpo Ngwang Gelek declared David an acharya, or Master Teacher. David is well known to both teachers and students at Kagyu Changchub Chuling.

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