Kagyu Changchub Chuling

A center for the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism founded by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche

Board Highlights

The Board of Directors is currently exploring ways to more quickly share with the community about its ongoing activities. At our February meeting, the Board agreed to publish a list of highlights from its regular monthly meetings. These highlights will be a very condensed list of some of the main topics under discussion, and may include decisions made and tasks assigned. We hope to publish these highlights within seven days following each regular monthly meeting.

Please note: the meeting Minutes will continue to be published in their usual form and posted as usual on the website soon after they are approved at the subsequent Board meeting.  Please know that confidential personnel issues are among a small handful of subjects the board is legally required to keep confidential; therefore, these topics will not be included in the highlights, nor in the meeting minutes.

From the February 2020 meeting:

Steve Unangst, with support from Cynthia Irvine, gave the first of a two-part training on how to read financial reports.

The Board heard reports from its co-Presidents, the KCC Executive Director, SCOL team, and the Board’s Liaison to the Program Council.

We had our second discussion of a proposal to define Board member term limits and develop a recruiting process for new Board members.

The Development Director gave a detailed report on the development priorities for 2020. Top on the list includes, among other priorities:

  • a strong push to fund the Emeritus Lama Fund
  • an effort to bring new volunteers onto the Development Team
  • the launch of a new membership drive in March to increase sustaining supporters.

In an effort to follow through on a commitment the Board made in 2019 to complete timely performance reviews of the new Resident Lama during the probationary year:

  1. The Board approved a quarterly performance review process, which also includes performance reviews of the Board and the Executive Director,
  2. The Board will consult with the Program Council and gather input from the Sangha for the review process.

The Board heard a report on initial steps taken to bring important special trainings to KCC leadership over the next several years. The first trainings will focus on sexual harassment, misconduct, and healthy boundaries. Future training topics include diversity, equanimity and inclusivity (DEI), effective communication, and conflict resolution.