Kagyu Changchub Chuling

A center for the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism founded by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche


KCC is guided by two committees, the Program Council, which is responsible for meditation practices, and the Board of Directors, responsible for governance and financial oversight. Other committees oversee the activities within their own purview. Below is a description of the committees at KCC.
Updated October 2018, point persons in italics.

Program Council

Convened by Resident Lama Michael Conklin. The Program Council supports the Resident Lama in setting opportunities for Dharma instruction and practice at KCC. The Program Council was established in 2002 by Lama Michael Conklin in accordance with the Bylaws of KCC. The Program Council manages all dimensions of activities related to practice and teachings at KCC.

Michael Conklin, Resident Lama
Bill Spangle, Associate Teacher
Dora DeCoursey, Associate Teacher (on hiatus)
Zopa Herron, Associate Teacher
Julie Hurlocker

Tim Campbell

Lama Assistant: Sally Mead

Board of Directors

The KCC Board of Directors nurtures the mission and vision by setting annual goals, establishing operating policy and monitoring the legal and fiscal health of the organization. It also convenes the annual sangha meeting and the annual leadership retreat. The board generally meets on the third Sunday of every month from 1:30pm - 4:30pm at KCC; all are welcome to attend.

Tim Campbell, President
Linda Besant, Assistant President
Sandy Pollock, Treasurer
(currently vacant), Secretary
John Jennings
Cynthia Huntington
Heather Tollander
Tracy Trefethen
Melissa Hicks

SCOL Operations

Care for the facilities, vehicles, equipment and natural landscape at Ser Cho Osel Ling; provides for the general wellbeing of retreatants and dharma teachers during retreats. Manages day-to-day operations at SCOL. Assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibility to oversee the operations of SCOL and ensure that the facility functions in a way that is safe, legal, and in line with KCC’s mission and vision.  

Anthony Kimple, onsite staff
SCOL Team - Linda Besant, Peter Frothingham, Adele Hilsen, Willa Rabinovitch, Linda Grove

Human Resources Management

Nurtures the culture of volunteering at KCC through training, mentoring and facilitation. Committee also acts as a liaison between volunteers and the organization.

Linda Besant, Sally Mead


Fosters the Dharma life of KCC by preparing the urban center for puja, providing chant leaders, greeters and handling center setup and cleanup.

Jef Gunn, Bob Wilson, Lynn McClenahan, Luisa Zini, Joe Bertagnoli, Pat Parker, Melinda Bell, Peggy Ensign, Julie Hurlocker, Bonnie McClean, Carolyn Peck, Rosemarie Sweet, Miriam Hammer, Cynthia Huntington, Makiko Oki

Finance Committee and Accounting Team

A subcommittee of the Board, the Finance Committee oversees all policies related to the annual budget and finance as well as managing the day-to-day finances of the center. The KCC Treasurer and Accountant are always committee members.

Sandy Pollock (Treasurer), Cynthia Irvine, Pat Parker, Linda Grove, Linda Besant, Willa Rabinovitch, Sarah Lyon, Steve Unangst (consultant)


Plans and executes efforts to raise capital funds and oversees annual operating campaign.

Phil Wallin, Linda Besant, Celedra Gildea, Adele Hilsen, Mark & Marylinda Eichstaedt, Willa Rabinovitch

Retreats and Events

This committee is responsible for registration and the logistics of events (including: retreats, study groups, classes, and various events such as visits by eminent teachers, public events, talks, and more) hosted by KCC, whether at KCC, SCOL, or off-site. (The Program Council is responsible for event content and curriculum.)

Linda Grove, Ryan Fitz (online), Adele Hilsen

Urban Staff

Linda Grove, Operations Manager

Urban Center Operations/Maintenance 


Dharma Store

Responsible for ordering, creatively displaying and promoting books and items that are stocked in the KCC dharma store. Coordinates with the Program Council to ensure materials are available to support retreats and classes.

Diane Lucas

Children's Program

Members of the Children’s Program set the annual curriculum for the children at KCC and ensures qualified teachers are present to instruct them.

Mary Woods, Carolyn Peck, Adele Hilsen, Zopa Herron


Communicates to current and prospective members about membership and pledging at KCC. Encourages members to support KCC through pledging and other activities. Monitors progress toward yearly pledging goals.

Celedra Gildea, Linda Besant


Develops content for KCC publications, both print and digital.

Graphics and Photography: Marci Roth, Margaret Jasnssen, Tara Sullivan, Sanje Elliott
Web Programming: TBD
E-Newsletter: Rosemarie Sweet, Ryan Fitz, Deborah Brink Wohrmann
List Serves: Ryan Fitz
Event Publicity: Ryan Fitz, Linda Grove


Linda Besant, Steve Parker, Miriam Hammer, Melissa Hicks, Ryan Parsons, Peter Wood, Judatha Kline, Linda Grove, Cynthia Irvine, Adele Hilsen

Audio/Visual Technical Advisors

Peter Wood, Ryan Parson


Determines how to allocate KCC’s scholarship resources to support access to Dharma programs.

Pat Parker, Julie Hurlocker, Linda Grove

Long Retreat Scholarships: Sandy Pollock, Pat Parker

Harmony Council

Linda Grove, Joe Bertangoli, Peter Wood, Bonnie McClean, Marci Roth, Bob Wilson, Zopa Herron, Adele Hilson


Dora DeCoursey, Julie Colley, Bonnie McClean

Mahamudra Seminar / India Coordinator

Cathy Neumann

Community Liaison

Represents KCC in wider community coalitions, such as Dharma Umbrella, and as a point of contact for community groups interested in KCC.

Dora DeCoursey

Legal Support

Advises leadership.

This position not currently filled.