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Welcome to Kagyu Changchub Chuling!

Three Year Retreat Begins April 2015

Starting April 4th, 2015, KCC will offer a three-year retreat at our long-retreat center, Ser Chö Ösel Ling, in Goldendale, Washington. The retreat master will be KCC Resident Lama, Michael Conklin. He will be assisted by Lama Tara Goforth, of Victoria, British Columbia. KCC completed a successful one-year retreat for 13 retreatants at Ser Chö Ösel Ling in March 2014.

The three-year retreat curriculum will include practices of the Shangpa and Karma Kagyu lineages. 

A Giant Leap Forward

What a time it is for KCC!

In this sangha, we are often packed in like sardines at 73 NE Monroe, poised to burst out into a new Urban Center. The New Urban Center Team is watching the Portland real estate market like hawks; and a visionary donor whose life dream is to serve the Dharma by helping KCC acquire a new space is ready to contribute one million dollars. KCC will take the leap into a new urban center quickly when the right property comes on the market.

Meanwhile, on April 4th, eleven people will enter Three Year Retreat at SCOL. This is a huge accomplishment—the fruition of 15 years of dedication to the Dharma and the Shangpa and Karma Kagyu lineages, and a concrete (pardon the pun) commitment to the value of deep practice, not to mention a testament to the tenacity of this community.

KCC’s Board of Directors cannot imagine a time of more exciting opportunity. We also understand that such opportunities generate change, change, change. We the people who find our spiritual home in the Dharma, who love Lama Michael’s and Bill’s teachings, and who find family in this community, must leap forward to meet the opportunities we have generated.

Sustaining a larger and therefore unavoidably more expensive Urban Center, and supporting the Three Year Retreatants at SCOL, require a substantially larger budget than KCC has ever needed before, and more volunteers. The Board is planning carefully for ways to function as a larger sangha, and to raise the necessary funds. Every month for the next several months, in this newsletter, on the KCC listserv, on the bulletin boards at the urban center, and on Sundays, we will tell you about what’s coming next to invite and in fact urgently encourage your participation and financial support. We start this month, with the three announcements that follow. (And wait until you see what’s coming in March…)

Events for the New Year

In a year of change for the KCC community, the Three-Year Retreat begins in April 2015. The retreat center at SCOL will close its gates to all but the cloistered. Until then, keep a watch for opportunities to help out. Work parties on the retreat land near Goldendale, Washington, are frequent—and all are welcome. 

To keep well-informed, check out this page on the KCC website. Here you can sign up to receive our e-newsletter and occasional info on KCC happenings, or subscribe to the community list-serve—the community list-serve is more informal—a space where people post happenings, work parties, prayer requests, rooms for rent, job search information and more. KCC also has a Facebook page!

The Seven Point Mind Training Study Group has begun again, thanks to Tim Campbell's organization and encouragement. The group meets on two Thursdays each month, from 7-8:30 pm at KCC. Please check the website for dates. You can also send questions to Tim, and he can get you on the list for future announcements. He usually sends out reminders and several commentaries on the Point to be discussed. This group is open to all and is not led by a teacher.

A series of classes will be offered by Bill Spangle, beginning in April: The Three Turnings. Over the course of 2015, each is a Saturday event in two parts.

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