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The Three Turnings—A Guide to the Path

A Series of Classes and Retreats for 2015

Whether we live the life of a yogi-hermit, a monastic or a householder, our life is our path. How we relate to it is what matters.

To relate fully and effectively to the precious opportunity of our life we need to gain an appreciation for the profound potential of our intrinsic nature and develop the skills which will allow this potential to manifest. The teachings of “The Three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma” provide both a window to the depth of our being as well as an organized way to see how study, contemplation and meditation can be progressively cultivated and applied in the path of our life.

This year's program on “The Three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma” will introduce essential teachings of each “turning” and explore the meditation practices associated with each. The core of the 2015 Three Turnings series will be four Saturday workshops. In these workshops the key principles, teachings and practices of each turning will be presented along with guided meditations using The Four Foundations of Mindfulness. These guided meditations will explore how the principles of each turning are expressed in meditation. In addition to these workshops there will be classes and a retreat led by Lama Michael.

Bokar International Mahamudra Seminar

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We are grateful and pleased to announce that Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche will once again offer the seminar for international students covering the complete stages of the path of Mahamudra according to the Karma Kagyu Lineage.  By offering this seminar, he continues the legacy of Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche, holder of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage and Dharma heir of Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche. Bokar Rinpoche initiated this seminar over twenty years ago to make the full depth of Buddhist practice accessible to modern lay practitioners of Buddhism, drawing from experience gained through 17 years of intensive meditation retreat and a lifetime of study.


The annual seminars offer a precious opportunity to spend a week meditating with Khenpo Rinpoche and receiving teachings in the gracious company of long term practitioners from all over the world. Other esteemed teachers frequently offer teachings and empowerment as well. The teachings presented in the seminars are accompanied by a multi-year graduated program of meditation practice which leads from the foundations of meditation and contemplation through Mahamudra practice. For those who have completed six years of the program and wish to continue with Vajrayana meditation practice, instructions for the stages of yidam practice are offered every other year. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 6:00am to Friday, November 6, 2015 - 8:00am
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